East to West: U.S. Road Trip with the Help of Friend Theory

Have you road tripped across a country before? Or driven in a car for more than 5 hours? If you have, you know how amazing it feels to put the windows down, snitch some pumpkin seeds and crush a few podcasts. You also may know how stressful and pricey finding accommodation can be. Or how someone’s guidance and recommendations are gold.

Road trips are the theme of the summer. And we want to make the hardest parts easier.

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Friend Theory Is Helping to Make A Zero Budget Euro Trip Possible!

We have some inspiring news to share. So often we hear that money, money, money, is a major limitation to travel.

“You are so lucky you can afford to travel…”

“I could never afford to go there…”

Stop with the nonsense. We want to help you break down this limitation. Friend Theory photographer, videographer, and world traveler, Semmy Deuren, is doing just this. He is embarking on a challenge this summer: A Zero Budget Euro Trip. Here is what you need to know and how you can get involved!

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