From a storage room to an actual office!

We have a new office & new people to help bring Friend Theory to life!

Over the last few months, we have been working our asses off trying to build Friend Theory. We have been pretending we are students at a University none of us are attending (actually – none of us are university students) in order to have an office to work from.

We took over a storage room at the uni and claimed it the Friend Theory HQ and it’s worked like a treat for the last 4 months. I think the fact that we love the student lifestyle too much (who doesn’t?) has made us blend in pretty well as everyone thought we were genuine students, and we made sure to attend all the parties & events to make sure everyone hears about Friend Theory 😉

the storage room

Anyways, moving forward to this week, we attended an accelerator informative session, which honestly, we had absolutely no intention of joining. We just went because it’s generally a good opportunity to network & there is always free food & beer at these kind of events.

Somehow, we walked out that evening with a free office space & a team of people keen to help build Friend Theory. Yes, that’s right, we have an OFFICE, and a TEAM of people who are all working on this for FREE! Purely because we believe in the idea of make travel more affordable by connecting you to your friends’ friends.

So things are moving forward, and very soon we will open up the platform to the world so we can help make traveling more affordable for everyone!

If you like the idea and want to get involved please reach out to us at (we are specially looking for designers & software developers)

Are you ready to travel smart by joining the Friend Theory movement? It’s easy as Signing Up on FriendTheory.comOh by the way, we post the most epic content, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned with exciting news about the project! ✌️