40 days traveling around Europe staying with friends’ friends

9 countries 3+ friends, 1 car and over 11,000 friends to visit all over Europe: Welcome to the Friend Theory Roadshow!  🗺

From the moment we launched, we would’ve never imagined the rollercoaster ride we had ahead of us…

And we’re not talking about all those events that have happened to us – crashing the servers after launching, going to Bali with all the team, getting picked up by international media

No, I’m talking about YOU guys. 4 months ago, we barely had 500 of you in our community. Today, we have nearly 12,000 legends on the platform!

Despite of all the excitement, we knew there was something left… we wanted to put faces on all of you. But… our users are spread out across 147 countries, where should we start?

After checking where most of our users were (and the fact it was summer in the Northern Hemisphere) we made the decision, we packed our bags, and we flew up to Europe to start the Friend Theory Roadshow!

For 40 days straight, the three founders traveled all across Europe, only using the Friend Theory platform for accommodation and meeting up with as many users as possible.

Sounds cool, hey? Well, what if we also add the fact WeWork supported us at every single stop, letting us work from their spaces?

Yup, it was awesome! Starting from Barcelona, we drove across Toulouse, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and Lausanne.

We had one rule in the whole trip: We were only allowed to stay in places that we found through the platform. And we were dead serious about it.

We were a bit nervous at the start because if our platform didn’t work it would mean we would have to sleep on the street. Luckily we were able to find a place in every single stop and we had an incredible experience.

In Berlin for instance, Carlo was lucky enough to have his own flat! Talk about trust between friends of friends! In Amsterdam we got invited to a boat party by our hosts and in Switzerland we got welcomed with a personal sign! We slept in private rooms, beds and couches but what stood out of the whole experience was the hospitality and the willingness our hosts had to show us their hometown. Nothing beats local tips from trusted friends.

And of course, what would a Eurotrip be without some parties?

We were lucky enough to be able to personally meet more than 300 users at all the meetups we held at WeWork in every city we stopped by. It was overwhelming to see so many people come to our events, and the level of commitment was insane! For instance, Tom (a friend theory user) took a 3 hour train from York to London to come to the meetup! Now, that’s some real love for Friend Theory!

We learned a lot of things from you guys during the Friend Theory Roadshow, your feedback and ideas have been invaluable to us and we now have a better understanding of what you guys want Friend Theory to be like in the future.

Thanks for all the love – together we are making this project better and better. ❤️

P.S: Stay tuned as we have some big news coming soon!