BOOM! We just hit 5k users in less than a month 💥

Friend Theory family is growing and we can only express our excitement with one word: WOW. Traveling for free is becoming a reality!

A few weeks ago we published a short post about how the Friend Theory launch went, more specifically about how all of you guys sent our servers into meltdown (thanks for that again guys 😉). Today, we want to show our gratitude for the constant support and encouragement we’ve been receiving from you.

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Friend Theory founders became judges at The University of Melbourne for a day!

“Participants provided solutions ranged from integrating the Blockchain on Friend Theory platform to shifting target markets. We sensed that every team had invested a lot of effort into their presentation, making it very tough to ultimately select a single winner”

Can you believe it…? 😁

In a matter of a couple years we went from being university students to being invited to showcase what Friend Theory is all about in front of a full 80 people lecture room at the most prestigious university in Australia – we honestly didn’t expect this to happen… at least not so soon!

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Friend Theory Launch: the platform crashed due to high traffic (Thanks for all the love!)

We would’ve never expected such an amazing response from all of you! You’re making this project a reality – thank you ❤️ And don’t panic, we are working hard to have Friend Theory platform running smoothly very soon.

*UPDATE* Platform is working smoothly again – bring on the traffic 🎉

It’s been a while since we first came up with the Friend Theory idea and our entire team agrees that building this project has been the closest thing to having a baby. Like many other entrepreneurs would agree, this process is incredibly exciting. However, people don’t tend to realise all the hard work behind it, so it’s pretty scary to finally reveal this baby to the world.

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Carlos & Carlo: Roadtripping Myanmar’s Civil War Zone – Friend Theory

If we would’ve followed the advice of the media, we would have never gone to amazing places like Kyaukme. When you travel, you want to be part of the pioneers group – because those are the only ones who get to discover the real essence of foreign countries.

One of the best perks of studying in South East Asia is the travel opportunities you have all around that region. You can fly to Thailand and party 24/7, you can go to the Philippines and chill on world class beaches or you can go to Bali and catch some of the best waves in the world – all you need to do is to book a low cost flight ticket and you’re sorted. However, when Friend Theory cofounders, Carlos and Carlo were studying in Hong Kong, they didn’t want to go for any of these mainstream options, they wanted something more challenging… something exciting!

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The story of 3 young and international entrepreneurs in Australia – Friend Theory

Young, international and with no money – pretty tricky characteristics to have as founders of a tech project. The Friend Theory founders share how the experience has been so far as entrepreneurs in Australia!

No matter what the context is: Your nationality, age or background… If you really want to set up a company, is going to be a BIG challenge. If you have no money and you’re in your 20s… Well, it will obviously make it a lot harder. This the context that Friend Theory founders faced when they quit their jobs to pursue their dream project.

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