Friend Theory is Re-Branding and we want you to get involved in the process!

Some of you reading this will have been following Friend Theory from its humble beginnings, some of you might have heard of us and some of you might have no clue who we are, what we do, or what we stand for. 

Regardless of who you are, let me explain why we started Friend Theory in the first place, how we believe it’s going to make an impact in people’s lives, and why we want you to get involved in the re-branding process. Read more …

Social Capital Theory: The Driving Force of Friend Theory

Friend Theory was alive before the company came into existence.

Of course, the technology, the collective community, and the movement have all developed over the past year and a half. But, one of the driving forces in Friend Theory has been around for thousands of years. This force is the human instinct to build relationships and help people. It is a living, breathing aspect of our world.

This concept is called Social Capital Theory. Read more …