Carlos & Carlo: Roadtripping Myanmar’s Civil War Zone – Friend Theory

If we would’ve followed the advice of the media, we would have never gone to amazing places like Kyaukme. When you travel, you want to be part of the pioneers group – because those are the only ones who get to discover the real essence of foreign countries.

One of the best perks of studying in South East Asia is the travel opportunities you have all around that region. You can fly to Thailand and party 24/7, you can go to the Philippines and chill on world class beaches or you can go to Bali and catch some of the best waves in the world – all you need to do is to book a low cost flight ticket and you’re sorted. However, when Friend Theory cofounders, Carlos and Carlo were studying in Hong Kong, they didn’t want to go for any of these mainstream options, they wanted something more challenging… something exciting!

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Want to do the Mongol Rally for free? We know how.

Our budget for the Mongol Rally was so tight that we even resulted to sleeping in our car on the outskirts of Istanbul to avoid the expensive hostel fees. The concept of Friend Theory would have been the dream on an occasion like this 🙌

The Mongol Rally is a 15,000km Road race that commences from London, England and ends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The requirements express that teams must hop aboard a “steed” containing power that does not exceed 1.2cc. Our chosen vehicle for the race, was a 2004, Kia Rio, that was slightly more powerful than the requirements at a mighty 1.3cc. We christened here “KIApatra” as she was a sexy piece of metal, yet was slight rough around the edges.

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The story of Alex: “I went backpacking in Iraq – and I loved it”

It can sound nuts, but I couldn’t think of a better adventure to do as a backpacker

People tend to relate the term ‘backpacking’ with places like Europe, South East Asia or, occasionally, South America. However, have you ever thought about how many stunning places in the world people never consider while planning a trip? 

Alex did. He set out to one of the most infamous yet beautiful countries in the world – Iraq.

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Meet Carlos Costa, Cofounder at Friend Theory

If you ask someone who knows Carlos what he does for a living, a vast majority of them will say that he is a “professional life liver”.

Today is his 24th birthday, and within this time he’s managed to travel to 67 countries, produced videos that have inspired millions, worked for the some of the world’s most popular brands, graduated whilst studying in 3 different continents and turned his dream idea into reality by co-founding Friend Theory.

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