East to West: U.S. Road Trip with the Help of Friend Theory

Have you road tripped across a country before? Or driven in a car for more than 5 hours? If you have, you know how amazing it feels to put the windows down, snitch some pumpkin seeds and crush a few podcasts. You also may know how stressful and pricey finding accommodation can be. Or how someone’s guidance and recommendations are gold.

Road trips are the theme of the summer. And we want to make the hardest parts easier.

Adam Boro is another adventurer in our community who is setting sail from the East Coast to West Coast of the U.S. He doesn’t feel it’s necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on accommodation. Friend Theory 100% agrees and wants to back him in this effort. We want to broaden Adam’s network so he can make the journey across the country in good company and limit the amount of nights he sleeps outside as he hops from town to town.

The Down Low

Adam is road tripping from New Jersey to California and will rely 100% on the kindness of strangers for accommodation. He is committed to spend $0 on accommodation.

The trip begins on May 22nd and ends on June 2nd

    • 5/22: Lexington, KY
    • 5/23: Memphis, TN
    • 5/24: Fort Worth, TX
    • 5/25: White Sands, NM (or close-by)
    • 5/26: Moab, UT***
    • 5/27: Salt Lake City, UT***
    • 5/28: Zion National Park, UT (nearby)***
    • 5/29: Antelope Canyon, AZ (nearby) ***
    • 5/30: Grand Canyon, AZ (nearby)***
    • 5/31: Tijuana, MX
    • 6/1: Los Angeles, CA
***Adam is still in need of accommodation in these places*** 

Adam would love to meet you, get hosted by you, and check out any local adventure spots.

What, why?

Adam was given an opportunity to work in Los Angeles for a few months this summer. Being an adventurer like many of us, he thought, “Why would I fly across the country if I could road trip, meet incredible people, and see the entire U.S. instead?” This is the perfect response coming from the social media admin of the Yes Theory community, which similarly encourages this style of escapade.

Though Adam has never driven more than 5 hours straight…  he will be tackling 76 hours in 12 days. He is putting himself in a situation that will open up incredible and unique experiences and we applaud him for this!

It’s the perfect challenge for Adam and you’ll want to get involved. He loves travel, hiking, exploring nature, photography [all of the amazing photos on this post are his] and videography. Also, if you love space and stargazing, he is your guy.

Bucket List During the Trip

  • Ride a horse in Kentucky
  • Skinny dip with strangers
  • Do a street performance and get a crowd going
  • Go to a city rooftop
  • Pick up a hitch hiker
  • See sunrise over Grand Canyon and sunset on a beach in Mexico
  • Skydive
  • Cliff jump
  • Perform rock concert with someone from the Yes Fam (musically talented) in front of Elvis Presley’s house in Memphis, TN
  • Visit an abandoned town
  • See a Texas rodeo
  • Swim in a natural spring
  • Sand-board down white sands
  • ________ (Give them some ideas!!)

Open up your doors!

Make sure to reach out to Adam on Friend Theory if you want to host him, send him information and travel tips or follow along with his trek!

Are you ready to join the friend theory movement? Easy as signing up on friendtheory.com. And by the way, we post the most epic content ever, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned with exciting news about the project!