Friend Theory gets awarded the Excellence Certificate in Millennial Leadership by Austern International

We love what we are building at Friend Theory, and it seems that other people are loving it too. The amount of help we are receiving is awesome and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Last week we were awarded an Excellence Certificate in Millennial Leadership by Austern International after participating in a Friend Theory workshop with international students. Groups of students worked with Friend Theory for a week in order to solve the challenges we gave them. All the students in the workshop were super engaging and very interested in helping build a platform that will connect you to your friends of friends.

It was awesome to bring fresh new minds and opinions into how Friend Theory should move forward and grow, and we loved hearing the presentations & solutions the students presented.

Personally, it was awesome to have so many people working on a project that we are so passionate about and we feel super grateful for all the students involved and Austern International for making it possible.

Who would have known that Friend Theory would be getting so much help?

If you like Friend Theory and feel like getting involved reach out!

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