Friend Theory ended 4th at LAUNCH Conference! Here’s more about the experience 😊

Before we get it started, here’s something you should remember: Always, and I mean, ALWAYS, try your luck. Even for those things you think you have zero chances to get… if it’s free to try, don’t be lazy and do it. Best opportunities arise from the most unexpected situations.

There we were, on the main stage at Australia’s biggest startup conference speaking face to face to some of the most reputable Venture Capitalists and Angel investors in Australia and Silicon Valley – certainly a situation I thought wasn’t going to arise so soon. So you’re probably wondering…

“How did that happen? Surely you didn’t just turned there by magic” 

Well, I’m sorry but I don’t have an exciting answer for that:  We just applied.

We were in Sydney barely a couple of months before the conference. Carlos and I were exploring the startup scene of the city while working remotely. At that time, we hadn’t even open the platform to the public and only the founders were actually working full time on the project. That’s when we saw an ad about the Launch Conference, and we asked ourselves:

“Would Friend Theory have a chance to speak at the event?”

It was kind of ambitious to think that a project that hadn’t even been launched and had raised zero money from investors (nowadays there’s a fake convinction out there that the more money you raise the more successful you are…) was going to be part of the selected group of Australian startups speaking at it. But hey, we had to try. And yes, you know the rest – last Thursday, we received an email from Jason Demant, Managing Director at Launch, inviting us over to Sydney to pitch. 😁


Great & Terrible timing for us

It was awesome to be able to show all the progress we had done on the project since launched, but at the same time… it could have not been in a more hectic time for us. The entire Friend Theory team was getting ready for all the testing experiences we’ve planned for the upcoming Summer (Stay tuned folks! 😜) and the time was limited – the pitch was happening literally 12h before our flight out of Australia was booked for…

At least it was easy and cheap to find accommodation – with Friend Theory platform already operational and with already a high number of users on it, we got our accommodation sorted at Sydney!

And the day had come…

After spending a night at our Friend Theory host with Ed (thanks legend!) we headed to the event. As soon as we got there, we realized how amazing the vibe was – people from all over the world were around, and they were all for the same reason – get to know the Australia’s most exciting tech projects… it was nuts to think we were one of the startups selected!


We invited our Friend Theory host to come to the event, and at 3pm we were already on stage. We only had 3 minutes (sharp) to pitch Friend Theory to the panel of judges, which included personalities from Silicon Valley such as the startup guru Jason Calacanis, or Stonly Baptiste among others. And guess what happened next…


The Powerpoint presentation crashed! 😳

Only 1 minute after Carlo kicked off the pitch, we realised the Demo we prepared for the presentation wasn’t working due to some technical issues. As soon as Carlos noticed it, he ran out of the conference so he could connect his laptop with the original presentation (seriously though, he could’ve outran Usain Bolt, never seen someone so fast in my life!) and after a minute, we were back on track and the presentation ended up smoothly.

After some discussion from the panel, Friend Theory ended up in a satisfactory 4th position which, considering the outstanding level of the startups speaking at the event, wasn’t dissapointing at all! And the best was yet to come: we received tons of emails from the crowd, from founders to investors, showing their interest in Friend Theory as a project, as well as the amazing conversations we had behind the scenes with the organizers and attendees of the event.

Launch Festival – thanks again for giving us the opportunity to be part of the event. We could’ve not think of a better way of spending our last day in Australia before our Testing-Adventures coming up now… We’ll announce them very veeery soon… stay tuned!