My Friend Theory experience in Sydney: David Lück

My host Santina opened the door with a warm and welcoming smile and showed me around her awesome flat. I couldn’t believe how easy that was… I was honestly so thankful for it!

Last year I decided to quit my job in Germany and fly over to the land down under – Australia 🐨, that’s when everything started…

I was lucky enough to score a position at the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast to help organise what was set to be one of the greatest Commonwealth Games that the world has seen. Now you might ask yourself how a German ended up working for the Commonwealth Games – trust me I did too but the answer is simple – a friend.Myles Benham who I used to work with in Munich during an internship, told me about the many open positions at that time and put in a good word for me.

After countless extra hours, numerous amounts of VB’s and a mind blowing 11 day event, the games were over – now I just needed to think about the best way of making the most out of the 10 days I had until seeing my girlfriend again in Kuala Lumpur. That’s when my friend Todd gave me a call and told me he was looking for someone willing to drive his car down to Melbourne and, guess what, my flight to Kuala Lumpur was from Melbourne so… I decided to go ahead and do that “favour” for him 😉.

There I was: I had a car; my bags were packed; and even my friend Lachy decided to join me! I had never been so ready to hit the Australian east coast. Our first stop was Newcastle, and after a 10-hour drive in our old Toyota Corolla a question popped up…

Where to stay and how much do we have to pay?💰

Lachy arrived an hour earlier and managed to get us a two room flat through Airbnb. It wasn’t the most expensive one in town but it wasn’t cheap either – 70$ per person for one night. I remember how I thought to myself “f*%k, I don’t want to pay 70$ just for a place to sleep at for the next 9 days, and we haven’t even got to Sydney!”. As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed in a café in Newcastle I stumbled across “Friend Theory”. I signed up to the platform and in seconds I had a map full of friends spread across the world in front of my eyes. I zoomed into Sydney and… a smile came across my face: 7 friends or friends of friends to potential host me or help me out in Sydney!

I instantly knew I wanted to give this platform a try in Sydney…

After a couple of messages, I was already chatting to 2 friends from a friend from Spain (unexpected, hey!). These friends of friends were Ed and Santina, from UK and Switzerland respectively, and guess what? they ended up being my Friend Theory hosts in Bondi, Sydney 🏄.

Once I got there, Santina opened the door with a warm and

welcoming smile and showed me around her awesome flat. I couldn’t believe how easy that was and I was so thankful for it!

As if the day wasn’t surprising enough, Santina told me that she had free tickets for ANZAC Day celebrations in one of the biggest night clubs in Sydney – Ivy, and asked me if I wanted to go. “Sure thing lets do it” I said – 30 mins later and a free Ola drive into the city, we got our tickets and a fresh frothy from the bar. Ed showed up as well and we had a super fun night out with a late night snack from a Indian place on our way back home.

Thanks again to Santina and Ed for making this possible! Won’t forget this and I hope I can return the favour once you make your way to Germany, you guys are amazing! And of course, thanks to Friend Theory who enabled me to not only save money, but also meet amazing people along the trip! 👏

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