Friend Theory gets invited to pitch at Stanford University!

Together with 14 other startups from all around the world, Friend Theory gets selected to present at Stanford University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Starting with no money and a lot of passion from a storage room at Melbourne University, to working and staying with friends in Indonesia, meeting hundreds of users on our European Roadshow and being invited by the Australian Government to network with the tech scene in Tel Aviv, the Friend Theory journey continues!

This time we are heading to the epicentre of startups and the tech scene in general: Silicon Valley.

We have been lucky enough to be selected to present our project at the VC Bootcamp held on the 12th of March at Stanford University, in front of leading VCs and professors from the valley.

It’s been a hell of a ride so far, and to think that Friend Theory was still an idea being developed this time last year its crazy to think about. We are super excited for this opportunity and even more excited about what Friend Theory has become today.

We are now more than +15,000 members strong spread across 154 countries and people are using the Friend Theory app every day to find a trusted friend anywhere in the world. From finding a place to stay, to local travel tips or meeting up with a friend of a friend that can show you around when you travel!

We can’t stress enough the importance and the impact that travel has on people. Traveling helps you put life into perspective and opens your mind to what the world is like outside of your comfort zone. It helps us understand and emphasise with other cultures, which ultimately drives us to work on projects that improve society, raise the standard of living for those in poverty, and helps us become more environmentally conscious.

We will be planning to host a series of meetups during our time in California, as well as head to some weekend adventures with people we meet on Friend Theory, so make sure to get in touch if you are around!

Are you ready to travel smart by joining the Friend Theory movement? It’s easy as downloading our appOh by the way, we post the most epic content, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned with exciting news about the project! ✌️