Friend Theory in Foreign Places: Fabio Found Home in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been home for a handful of the Friend Theory team members… it is where Carlo and Carlos (our adventure seeking cofounders) and Rachel (our marketing guru) met back in 2014. By living in arguably the best hub for travel in Asia, a seed for Friend Theory was planted. Fabio has his own story of friends’ friends in his Hong Kong adventure…

It’s been four years since I decided that my life needed a sharp change of direction. I bought a one-way ticket to Hong Kong.

At the time, I knew almost nothing about the foreign, seemingly crazy Asian city. It seemed very far from anything I was used to culturally and geographically in Italy. The internet become my best resource and best friend for information. Questions were bouncing around in my mind and it was difficult to get a clear idea of what Hong Kong would be like.

  • What does it look like?
  • How do people get around?
  • What are the people like?
  • Where do you go for parties?
  • What are the best restaurants?
  • Where are the best beaches for surfing?

Luckily, I learned a friends’ friend was currently living in Hong Kong. We connected and he put some of my worries at ease. Shortly after I arrived in Hong Kong, we met up and quickly became close friends. Such a good fella. He showed me around the city and where to get a cheap phone, I met his circle of friends – which in Hong Kong is always a slew of people from around the world – I would have been lost without him.

Slowly, I got to know this city like a local … all the secret spots and hidden gems. I could tour around any friend or family member who visited with ease and could assure them they’d see the best of Hong Kong.

Looking back, I can say without doubts that my good friend played an essential role in my initiation. Without his guidance, I would have struggled to achieve the feeling of belonging in a new city which I now call home. This is the theory of friends. Through friends and friends’ friends, our world will become a smaller place.

Fabio’s insight on Hong Kong…

What does it look like?

Like a mesh of sky scrapers, steep hills, mountain backdrops, and islands

How do people get around?

The easiest way to get around in Hong Kong is the MTR. The MTR makes Hong Kong feel like a small city because you can get from Kowloon to LKF to Kennedy Town so quickly and easily. It is also reasonably priced and very reliable.

What are the people like?

Part of what makes Hong Kong amazing is the diversity of people. The local population is organized and polite. It’s a big city, so don’t expect to make small talk when you pick up your coffee in the morning. There is a huge expat community in Hong Kong. When you go out at night in LKF, you will meet adventurous, career oriented, globally minded people. And most people love a good party.

Where do you go for parties?

On the weekends, head to LKF. Grab a drink at the 711 and stand outside on the streets mingling and dancing with everyone. On Wednesdays, head to the horse races and then to Wan Chai for ladies night – free drinks for woman! Also check out junk boat parties … you can rent boats with huge groups of friends and spend the day island hopping, drinking, eating on the water.

What are the best restaurants?

One Dim Sum … and don’t miss the Indian food inside Chunking Mansions.

Where are the best beaches for surfing?

Tai long Wan

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