Friend Theory is going to change how people travel the world

Friend Theory is not just a platform. It is not a social network nor a chat interface either. It’s way more than that…

Friend Theory is a tool to leverage on your already existing social network potential. We want elaborate on our mission and vision, so everyone can understand where we will scale up Friend Theory to and how we actually want to change the world with it.

The year 2017 has been a fantastic and hectic one on our side. It will always be remembered as the year when everything got started at Friend Theory – from shaping the concept, to building up the team and finally getting everyone together in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

It’s been the year when we decided to pursue the project, and not leave the idea where 99.99% of them normally end up – in simple words and thoughts.

“So… Why Friend Theory?” 🔥

That’s the question we get asked every second day. As entrepreneurs, coming up with ideas is not really a problem. However, the Friend Theory idea really resonated with us, and we actually decided to go for it.

Do you want to know why? Let’s start by mentioning the Friend Theory Mission:

“Friendly and trustworthy accommodation everywhere for everyone”

Simple, right? Well, this statement hides more than it seems.

We realised how much the travel accommodation industry needed a change. On one side, we have sharing economy options, that don’t really meet young travellers’ needs anymore. For instance, Couchsurfing has got a bit sketchy to use in the past few years due losing the community feeling it used to have. A different case is Airbnb, and while it’s a great product, it’s changed direction in the past few years moving towards a more high-end market. This has translated into higher prices for travellers (prices are through the roofs at the moment) and more commitment for the hosts (if you become a host and you want to last, you better offer hotel-level service to travellers).

On the other hand, we’ve got traditional travel accommodation options. A clear example are Hostels, which don’t really offer a local feeling to travellers, without mentioning how expensive they are in touristy spots. And finally, hotels, that needless to say are way too expensive for most travellers and also lack the local feeling.

Once the Friend Theory community gets big, travellers will enjoy the massive benefit of having somewhere to stay all around the world, while having a closer bond to their host, as they will always have a friend in common with them.

For all the people who enjoy hosting on platforms like Couchsurfing, they will also have peace of mind when it comes to opening the doors of their place to someone – no more ratings or random people’s comments on people’s profiles, it’s easy as asking the friend/s you have in common with the traveller for some references (in case you want them). Hosts won’t even need to travel abroad in order to expand their social networks – they can do it from their own living room. And guess what? They won’t need to go through the hassle of offering a high-end service to the traveller – a way easier and more familiar hosting concept.

Just think about it for a second…

Imagine travelling to Tokyo – a place you’ve never been, and you don’t even know anyone from there.

You look for hostels, and there are all over US$25. Couchsurfing? Nah, not feeling like staying in a random person’s place or being rejected tens of times. Airbnb? Most of them over US$60. Hotels? Well… a capsule hotel is already US$300, so I won’t even keep looking.

However, that German guy you met a couple of years ago has actually been in Tokyo, and has friends there. Not connections, actual friends. And you’re friends with him, so some of them would actually be keen to open their doors to you and host you for free.

You’ve never imagined that, hey? But that’s the magical part of the second degree social network: it’s so massive, that you would be amazed of HOW we are connected with WHO.

Friend Theory aims to connect you with all the friends’ friends you have worldwide, while also offering you the chance to see which of them are actually keen to host their friends’ friends like you. No more hassling your direct friends or getting rejected tens of times, and definitely no more staying with strangers you barely know anything about besides some random reviews.

We are on a mission to change the world for the better – we are heading towards a more familiar sharing economy, and we want you to be part of the journey.

Are you ready for it? 😏

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