Friend Theory Is Helping to Make A Zero Budget Euro Trip Possible!

We have some inspiring news to share. So often we hear that money, money, money, is a major limitation to travel.

“You are so lucky you can afford to travel…”

“I could never afford to go there…”

Stop with the nonsense. We want to help you break down this limitation. Friend Theory photographer, videographer, and world traveler, Semmy Deuren, is doing just this. He is embarking on a challenge this summer: A Zero Budget Euro Trip. Here is what you need to know and how you can get involved!

What the heck is the deal?

Semmy Deuren is embarking on A Zero Budget Euro Trip. He will not spend any money on transportation or accommodation. He plans to use @FriendTheory and his trusty tent for accommodation as well as hitchhiking and walking to get from point A to point B. The plan is to pay for some activities, but minimally. Also, he hopes to meet and connect with companies interested in sponsoring the trip potentially in exchange for photography, content or promotion.

Where on Earth is he going?

This is up to you [& us!] Semmy will be taking videos and photos along the way and asking our community where to go and what activities to do. On the first 5 days of the trip, Instagram folks have sent him to the below places:

Definitely follow along @semmy_d to see where he’s headed next and help navigate his trip!

Is this a pipe dream or is it really happening?

This is happening, in this very moment. And, it will be happening all summer! The beauty of this adventure is that is shows by decreasing your costs so tremendously, you can travel for much longer. And the travel will connect you to locals. Think about it, you could spend $300 on accommodation in 1 week or $300 on groceries for 1 month.

Why would someone do such a thing?

We asked Semmy this question to get a sense for his purpose and found that he has many reasons for taking off this summer…

  1. Seeking discomfort

  2. To be exposed to the kindness of others

  3. Meet cool people and make new friends [we know he means @friendtheory peeps]

  4. Travel cheaply [yassss!]

  5. To give and receive

  6. Great video opportunity [we can’t wait for this!]

Ok, ok, it’s cool … but how can our Friend Theory community help?

@FriendTheory can help throughout the entire process. That is the beauty of the adventure. The trip is about giving and receiving and giving again. If you’re interested in hosting, grabbing a coffee, going for a hike, or spending the afternoon shooting photos, reach out to Semmy! If you have a couch to offer and would like some nice portraits, he would love to share his gifts in return for any favors!

Wait, back up, who even is this guy?

Semmy Deuren is a german Filmmaker and Content Creator based in Munich and the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck. He focuses on adventure films: the rougher the conditions, the better! As a Filmmaker it is his goal to engage the audience in a compelling story with visually appealing images, while never losing focus on the core message. Semmy says this is the Art of Filmmaking.

Semmy loves almost every activity. If you want to host him, you can expect to do some hiking, skiing, motorcycling, biking, surfing, photography, and filming!

Friend Theory is stoked for Semmy. We are applauding this challenge and can’t wait to follow along!

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