Friend Theory is Re-Branding and we want you to get involved in the process!

Some of you reading this will have been following Friend Theory from its humble beginnings, some of you might have heard of us and some of you might have no clue who we are, what we do, or what we stand for. 

Regardless of who you are, let me explain why we started Friend Theory in the first place, how we believe it’s going to make an impact in people’s lives, and why we want you to get involved in the re-branding process.

Why did we start? 

At its core, we started Friend Theory because we have the basic human need to connect to a group of likeminded people that you can rely on for support.

By being connected to people you share strong common grounds with, you gain what’s called Social Capital which are the resources embedded in social relationships. 

For example, say you are moving to a new city and need to find a place to live. Someone that already knows a friend in the city will find it a lot easier than someone that doesn’t know anyone. So, by being connected to someone that you can rely on for support, you dramatically increase your Social Capital. 

Imagine then, that with Friend Theory, we could increase the world’s supply of Social Capital, where by simply connecting to a group of likeminded people, you will always have someone that you can rely on for support.

The concept has evolved but the “Why” has always stayed the same.

As most of you will know, Friend Theory has changed a lot since we started. What originally started as a way to find travel accommodation through your friends’ friends, has now evolved into something much bigger. Something much more meaningful.

Since launching the original version of Friend Theory, users have been using the app for many different purposes: from finding someone to meetup with, to finding someone to give them advice on a particular topic. 

After spending 40 days meeting, and staying with users across 9 countries, we’ve learned that people want to belong to a community that allows them to interact based on a common interest, affiliation or association. The real value that Friend Theory is  providing is that we connect people who shared a strong common ground, and this connection sparks collaboration among people which ultimately, increases social capital.

Connecting Global Communities – Bigger vision, same Mission

If the real value that we deliver is connecting people through common interests and affiliations, we need to move towards connecting people through communities. 

Most of the popular social apps have ignored the real value of connecting people: building social capital.

There are over 3 billion people using social media today, yet Gen Z and Millennials are the loneliest generations in history. This generation has shifted their focused to Social-Entertainment apps, which by design, are individualistic. 

We should not forget that Social Capital is the key driver of individual happiness, yet the only capital you can not generate individually – you need a community of like-minded people around you to generate it.

It’s for this reason that we are moving towards connecting communities at a global level. So wherever you are in the world, you can a likeminded person that has your back.

Help us come up with a new name.

If you have suggestions for new names – join our group where hundreds of other Friend Theory Family members are helping shape the future of Friend theory