Friend Theory: Welcome all, friends!

Hey friend… Welcome to friend theory!



Some of you will already know what Friend Theory is about, some others will have just heard our name around and some others won’t even know our name and have no clue of how they ended up reading this blog post! Regardless how familiar you are with the project, we’ve created this blog for you.

We want to make sure you all know what Friend Theory is, but also (and more importantly), we want to make sure you know who is behind the project, what pushed us to build it, what values we stand for, what are the stories created through the platform… Long story short, we want to share everything about friend theory to show you this is not just one more platform out there – Friend Theory is a movement, so make sure you stay tuned to get inspired.

But first thing first… “So what is Friend Theory?”

In an ideal world, every traveller would have a friend in every city they visit. A trusted connection, a local guide, or a home to stay while traveling is every traveller’s dream. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a big enough network of friends to make this possible – or at least they think so. This is where Friend Theory comes in.  Friend Theory is an online platform which allows you to stay or host people you have mutual connections with, so you can either save money on accommodation while traveling, or take advantage of your international 2nd degree social network from the comfort of your hometown. Everything is based on the reliability of simply getting in touch with people you have friends in common with.

Cool, hey? 😉 If you liked what you read, you’ll love our intro video

Oh, and by the way, have we mentioned Friend Theory is free?

As soon as you sign up on Friend Theory for free, we automatically display you on the Friend Theory Map where you will find all your friends and friends-of-friends registered on the platform. You can get in touch with them through the platform’s chat without having to tell your direct friends to introduce you to them.

We live in a very noisy and busy world, but don’t forget that friends are the most valuable source of opportunities and fun anyone has. People often don’t realise that they have tens of thousands of friends of friends spread all around – so make sure you don’t miss out on them.

The world is more connected than ever – let’s make the sharing economy great again, among friends!

See you soon friend 😉

Hi5 – Carlo, Carlos & Guillaume

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