Friend Theory in Silicon Valley – from living in a van to presenting at Stanford.

As young entrepreneurs trying to build a meaningful project that hopefully will positively impact society, we’ve heard and read about all the stories about Silicon Valley startups; how Google started in a garage in Menlo Park, Snapchat at the University campus of Stanford or Airbnb in an apartment in San Francisco.

We’ve always been curious about the stories and myths of Silicon Valley, so when we got the opportunity to come and present Friend Theory at Stanford University we thought we’d stick around and create our own story – the Friend Theory way…

Finding Friends of Friends in San Francisco.

Moving to a new city that you’ve never been to can be a scary thing, especially if you are not sure if you know someone there that can help you, which was exactly our case. 

So, given that our app does exactly that – enables you find a friend that can help you anywhere in the world, we thought we’d put our own creation to the test…

We were super lucky and extremely thankful to find a Karinn, a friend of a friend that has very kindly put us up in her spare room in her amazing apartment next to the beach (just how we like it!). It’s so cool to have met her and we couldn’t ask for a better host. In fact, it looks like we’ve been invited to a little weekend skiing trip this weekend with her and her friends, something we would have never expected!

Another totally unexpected event, was the fact that we have found an insane campervan through Friend Theory.

That’s right, a van that we can stay in. Before arriving to San Francisco we messaged a few people on our Friend Theory Map, and luck would have it, we messaged Chris.

Chris, now baptised by the Friend Theory team “Chris the German Legend”, happens to be out of town, so he could not host us or meet up with us, but he has been kind enough to lend us “Ernie” the van.

And what a cool van it is. The fact that we have found a van through Friend Theory just goes to show the power and trust that friends of friends have. Finding people like Chris on the app fuels passion into our daily lives and makes us really really excited about the future of Friend Theory.

Then came our pitch at Stanford University…

We obviously rocked up to our pitch at Stanford with our newly found van, it’s all part of the story!

We where very lucky to be able to present our project in front of a renowned audience of US and European VCs for the VC-Bootcamp and we are happy to say so far we received very good feedback.

For now, we will stick around California for a few weeks to keep writing the Friend Theory story, like many other renowned startups have done in the past 🍀

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