Have you ever thought about going to the airport without a ticket… and just see where you end up?

“Five tickets, from our dorms to anywhere else please.”

Friday afternoon March 2014. “Guys do you think if we just show up at the airport and ask for a ticket going anywhere, that we can get a good deal? You know, on some spare seats or something?” “I don’t know but we can find out”

So, after a somewhat questionable consideration of the success probabilities that we could count on, we took a taxi to Manchester Airport. 5 guys, no plan and no itinerary, but we were carrying both swimming trunks and coats so nothing could go wrong.

Upon our arrival to the international terminal, we swept from counter to counter trying to find a decent fare for a ticket that would take us pretty much anywhere, but the £600 seat on a flight to Belfast wasn’t quite our Holy Grail. Very quickly we turned to lastminute and found decent fares to Copenhagen, with a night-time layover in Bergen. We did the best we could with the resources we had at hand, but given (mostly) to beer, we arrived unprepared in Copenhagen at 6am on a Saturday morning. Luckily, it was nowhere near high-season so finding a cheap hotel wasn’t much of an issue, although we later came to realize its location posed some inconveniences.

After leaving bags and swimming trunks behind, we rented some bicycles and started to tour the city. Copenhagen is small and flat, making it easy for us to move around. Nonetheless, we managed to get lost a few times, which always makes a place more interesting let’s be honest, but it also made us lose a lot of time, which was quite precious.

We rode from end to end, stopping wherever we found a decent frame to take a picture and trying to discover the most unique spots this city could offer to us. We could’ve used a tip or two on where to eat, but we really needed one on where to go out. For better or for worse, we found ourselves in the weirdest nightclub I’ve ever been to, or better said, in the nightclub with the weirdest mix of people. It made for a memorable night, but perhaps not for the most adequate of reasons.

Hopefully next time we can find someone relatable to ask for recommendations, relying on the receptionist’s preferences was not wise. 

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