Meet Carlo, Cofounder at Friend Theory

“People tend to think that just because they haven’t left their hometown their social network potential is limited to that place, and this is completely wrong. My drive is to show the people how many possibilities are behind every friend they have and leverage on this aspect to make traveling easier, safer and cheaper for everyone” – Carlo


Carlo has always been known for being all over the place, and making it kinda hard to catch up with him.

Born in Spain; raised between Spain, Bahamas Islands and UK; Studied his International Business bachelor between Madrid, Sydney and Hong Kong; and of course, he refused to start his career in a ‘typical’ country, so he flew to South Africa and stayed there for over 2 years.

Besides his clear love to move around the world, he didn’t move to Melbourne just to add one more place on his ‘I Lived In’ Check list – this time was different, and he was driven by a different aspect of himself – his passion for Entrepreneurship.

While only 18, Carlo cofounded a startup that had a massive media impact in Spain and still operates internationally. One newspaper described the project as “The Ebay for Academic Assignments” – him and his team decided to digitalize the way some students ask other classmates to do their assignments for a certain price. Smart? Yup. Controversial? Massively.

He didn’t stop there though. In Sydney he met 2 young Spanish entrepreneurs who were starting a startup from their living room, and he decided to help them out with the project. He acquired first hand knowledge of how hard and hectic setting up a company overseas with no funding can be – but they showed him how to go through the everyday struggles and never give up. Only 3 years later, these entrepreneurs are still running the company and have offices in 4 different continents.

Nevertheless, he also wanted to get experience at Venture-backed startups, so in South Africa he joined a project during its incubation stage, that secured one of the biggest seed investments rounds in the country, and that currently operates all across the region. He gained valuable experience in working within a super fast-paced environment and learned the pros and cons of raising money early on.

One thing that stands out from his whole experience is his friends. Carlo had built a very good network of close friends all around the world, so no matter where he is in the world, he will always have a friend to catchup with. He now lives in Melbourne and you can find him either at the Friend Theory office, eating sushi or buying a 7/11 coffee every 90 minutes.

“The more you get to know the Entrepreneurial world, the harder you realize it is. But that shouldn’t put you off, because just the small likelihood of making an exciting idea into a reality makes any struggle look small enough to keep going”

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