Meet Carlos Costa, Cofounder at Friend Theory

If you ask someone who knows Carlos what he does for a living, a vast majority of them will say that he is a “professional life liver”.

Today is his 24th birthday, and within this time he’s managed to travel to 67 countries, produced videos that have inspired millions, worked for the some of the world’s most popular brands, graduated whilst studying in 3 different continents and turned his dream idea into reality by co-founding Friend Theory.

So how on earth has he done that?

Carlos Costa is a big advocate of following his passions, and living a lifestyle that creates opportunities that might eventually blossom into something successful.

“I would have never thought I would be getting paid to travel around the world to shoot videos, that was never my plan. I just started shooting videos as a hobby, because I loved it, which eventually lead to where I am today. You have to go out and find your own luck. Find something that you love, something that makes you tick and motivates you so you can create opportunities that will bring you luck. You’ll never win the lottery if you don’t buy a lottery ticket.”

He is now applying this approach to life to building up Friend Theory – “Unless you execute on your ideas, they are never going to happen, so start somewhere, create opportunities and luck will come to you.”

After graduating from high school, he discovered his love for travel & filmmaking when he spent a year working & traveling around the world. When his friends were taking the conventional path to University, Carlos wasn’t too convinced what he wanted to study so he focused on learning outside the classroom. He learned valuable things, like how to raise money for meaningful projects, such as driving a 900$ car from London to Mongolia for charity, or how to budget for a motorbike in the Himalayas, learnings that he’s now applying to building Friend Theory.

Like many millennials who have studied abroad, Carlos has a huge network of friends spread all around the world, so the idea of Friend Theory was a no brainer for him. Wherever he goes in the world, he has a friend that hooks him up with a bed or takes him up to see the best local spots. It was at university that he grew his network of friends, starting in the UK, then moving to Hong Kong where he met Friend Theory co-founder Carlo, and he eventually moved down to Australia to work as a filmmaker for GoPro and graduated in Melbourne.

If there is one thing Carlos has learned from his experience, it is to always make time to catch up with friends & have fun. “By keeping busy, you’ll have less time to work on stuff so you’ll work more efficiently. Plan time to have fun, plan time to travel & plan time for your friends so you literally have no time to procrastinate”.



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