Meet Guillaume, Cofounder at Friend Theory

Guillaume is the software genius leading the Friend Theory transition from ‘Dream’ to ‘Product’ 💡

Guillaume is the software wizard and technical director of Friend Theory. He grew up in the south-west of France and studied Computer Science in Toulouse. He came to Australia on exchange and fell in love with the country, so he moved to Melbourne shortly after graduating and worked there for a few years in research and innovation in RMIT University.

It was in Melbourne that he met Carlos, and started to be involved in Friend Theory. Passionate about the idea, he left his job to commit to making it become a reality, and help improve millions of people’s travel experience.

When he is not busy building the Friend Theory platform, Guillaume is an all-round adventurer and outdoor lover. Following in the footsteps of his dad, he started hiking and camping before he can even remember; he’s been skiing and rock-climbing since 4 years old and started canyoning shortly after.

Guillaume is also a big time traveller. He has backpacked around over 30 countries across 6 different continents, inc


luding a 2 year solo trip from Canada to Brazil and across Europe. He really knows how to make the most of every trip.

Most recently, he has travelled all around the world to test out the Friend Theory concept over 6 weeks. Using the very first version of the Friend Theory platform, he managed to find friends and friends of friends and was able do a round the world trip with a $0 budget for accommodation! More details coming soon… 😏

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