Friend Theory Roadshow: What we’ve learned from working remotely

It’s been already half month since the three founders started the Friend Theory Roadshow, “the ultimate nomad entrepreneur experience”…

For those who haven’t heard of what the Friend Theory Roadshow is all about: The three founders are driving from one European city to another, using the platform ourselves, meeting up with our users and working remotely in every city we stop by. I know, you’re probably thinking…

That is the Dream. 🤩

And to be honest, it pretty much is – especially for travel enthusiasts like us. Nevertheless, it’s not as smooth and easy as it sounds.

Like anything in life, this lifestyle has its pros and cons, and before jumping into it you need to make sure you’ll be able to balance it so you can keep performing at the same (or even higher) level than just by staying somewhere static and living a more infamous ‘routinary life’.

We’re a startup after all, and what really counts on this game is only one thing:

Execution. 💪🏻

Here are some simple but valuable tips we can want to share with you if you’re thinking of jumping into this lifestyle and you want to make sure you execute like no other nomad entrepreneur out there:

Internet is king. 👑

Like seriously, it really is. No matter what your startup does, make sure you choose stops where you can find reliable internet.

Less Stops > More Stops 👍

It might sound pretty tempting to jump from one place to another after a couple of days but seriously, any time spent on the road going from one place to another is your enemy – it won’t only be a waste of time, but it will also kill the team dynamics.

After realizing this, we prioritized stops and got rid off half of them.

Plan in advance. 🤓

This was kind of tough for us as we’re the type of last-minute travelers who like to go with the flow and sort everything out once we arrive in the spot. There’s a difference when it comes to nomad-entrepreneur traveling compared to standard traveling: you’re not traveling, you’re just working remotely.

Don’t use the excuse of being away from your home to take the experience as a trip. Any time you waste finding the right office to work from, industry contacts…etc it’s time you’re not using to get stuff done in that city – so the earlier you get it planned, the better.

Cold emails are overrated: Contacts, contacts and contacts. 🍻

Whenever you start planning your itinerary, take a step back and change the question of “where do I want go?” to a “where could I have contacts in?”. Believe me, the Friend Theory team can be anything but shy, but this also applies to people like us.

We’ve got absolutely no problem with reaching out or even rocking up at any given location if we want to get in touch with someone. Nevertheless, we’ve already seen the massive impact a simple intro can have when it comes to securing a meeting, so if the purpose of working remotely is networking… really consider those places where you can get some intros first.

All being said, we’ve been extremely lucky. The Friend Theory platform has been super helpful for us to find accommodation with likeminded people and spot where our friends of friends were based, for both work and leisure aspects. Also, we know the experience wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without the support from WeWork.

The legends from WeWork decided to provide us with office space in every city we chose for the roadshow, and this has been an absolute game changer.

For any of you who already count on a WeWork membership, especially the Global Access one, will know what I’m talking about – having a beautiful space in every city you go, with fast internet and a local community behind supporting likeminded entrepreneurs makes the entire experience a lot easier (and fun! you should check their afterwork events…).

Furthermore, they’re big fans of the Friend Theory community, so they are willing to provide any of you a 20% discount on any WeWork memberships – so if you’re thinking of joining WeWork, make sure you use our discount code!