North Korea is seeking for volunteers who can help North Korean entrepreneurs

North Korea is looking for entrepreneurs like you!

Choson Exchange – a Singapore-registered social enterprise focusing on economic policy, business and legal training for young North Koreans in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – is looking for successful international entrepreneurs who can host workshops on topics like agile management, lean startup methods, and innovation together with those North Korean Entrepreneurs who are working on leading the country towards a better future.

They’ve been doing it for over 10 years, so it must be quite a valuable opportunity for any entrepreneur running a startup!

How does it work? 😁

The ‘Business Trip’ basically consists on 2 nights in Beijing + 4-5 nights in North Korea. Depending on the participant, you’ll host the workshops in either Pyongyang or in any other city across the North Korean country.

Sounds cool but… Am I elegible for the programme? 🙋

The requirements are very simple. First of all, you need to be fluent in English. Secondly, you need to be an expert in a business related topic that can be applied by entrepreneurs. Currently running a startup is also recommended. And thirdly, you can be from ANYWHERE in the World except from South Korea, Japan or United States (You could’ve seen that coming hey?).

How much is this programme? 💰

As far as we know, the programme can either be expensive, cheap or even free. It all depends on your skills level and how experienced you are as an entrepreneur.

We honestly this could be an awesome lifetime experience if you have the skills for it! Unfortunately though, due to the lack of social media networks in North Korea, Friend Theory would not be available for finding your friends of friends over there… HOWEVER, If you are going anywhere else in the World, and you’re kinda scared of getting there and not knowing anyone or spending too much money in accommodation, join friendtheory

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