Social Capital Theory: The Driving Force of Friend Theory

Friend Theory was alive before the company came into existence.

Of course, the technology, the collective community, and the movement have all developed over the past year and a half. But, one of the driving forces in Friend Theory has been around for thousands of years. This force is the human instinct to build relationships and help people. It is a living, breathing aspect of our world.

This concept is called Social Capital Theory.

1. What is Social Capital Theory?

If you go out into the world wide web, you will find a lot of information and about social capital theory. It can be confusing… but the broad nature of this concept makes it applicable to much of humanity.

Sadhana Pasricha describes social capital in a very simple way:

“intangible, invisible resources that emerge from our social relationships”

Social capital sits alongside human capital and financial capital, but unlike the latter, social capital is a metaphorical concept that cannot be held and is not quantitative. It’s the good will.

2. Where did Social Capital Theory Come From?

Social Capital Theory is considered a fairly new term, though the concept has roots that stretch hundreds of years. The contemporary multidisciplinary theory has been developed primarily by Pierre Bourdieu, James Coleman and Robert D. Putnam.

3. What are the benefits of Social Capital Theory?

Social Capital is the benefit that your friends and your network can provide you. This benefit can be different for everyone and can be seen through a few different lenses. At Friend Theory, we think a few of the benefits are:

  1. Easier access to information
  2. Ability to build mutual aid and exchange between individuals
  3. Greater collective action and impact
  4. Becoming more engaged in the good of others

This can be the details on how to get to the hidden waterfall, the couch to sleep on when you’re passing through a city, or the enjoyment of being in good company and laughing.

4. Why is Friend Theory focusing on Social Capital Theory?

Our world is more connected than ever through technology, but sadly our relationships are weakening. Our goal at Friend Theory is to expand your network, to strengthen your social capital. We want to help you fuel others and fuel yourself. Let’s all take the next steps together:

  1. Meet people … friends of friends, likeminded individuals, people near and far!
  2. Exchange value … how can you help someone else?
  3. Help people meet people … can you help others connect?
  4. Build Trust …never take advantage of others… period.

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