Friend Theory founders became judges at The University of Melbourne for a day!

“Participants provided solutions ranged from integrating the Blockchain on Friend Theory platform to shifting target markets. We sensed that every team had invested a lot of effort into their presentation, making it very tough to ultimately select a single winner”

Can you believe it…? 😁

In a matter of a couple years we went from being university students to being invited to showcase what Friend Theory is all about in front of a full 80 people lecture room at the most prestigious university in Australia – we honestly didn’t expect this to happen… at least not so soon!

This wasn’t the first time we found ourselves speaking in front of The University of Melbourne students about Friend Theory. In fact, the Friend Theory team will always have amazing memories from this institution. None of the Friend Theory cofounders currently study at Unimelb, but it really played a very key role in the evolution of the project (although they probably don’t know about it 😅).

Some examples are the half year we spent sneakily working from one of the university’s storage rooms and the time we created a clandestine university club called the “Travel Club” during O-Week (the orientation week). However, this time was different. We were officially asked to talk about Friend Theory in front of the students, so that was definitely something new for us!

The ICSS (International Commerce Students Society) was looking for a Melbourne based startup that would be exciting enough to motivate its student to do a business case about it. It was quite a big deal, considering that 80 different international students were going to spend an entire week working on the business case. That’s when Friend Theory got an email from them…

The Friend Theory founders had to give a very detailed overview of what the project was all about – the motivation behind it, the long term vision and of course, the business challenges involved in having your own company. The students had to pick one of the business challenges that the founders had already identified in the project and were then asked to come up with solutions of how these challenges could be solved. This was already an incredible experience, as for the first time, the founders had over an hour in front of a bunch of people who were part of the project’s target market in which they could describe everything about the project and hear first hand feedback.

After a few days, we received a pile of assignments we had to shortlist. For the first time in our life we realised the struggle teachers have to go through when they correct an assignment! But hey, it was actually pretty awesome – reading about all these incredible ideas around our project was both emotive and educational, as we learned a lot about how people react to our project’s concept. Furthermore, we were able to discover exactly what individuals in our target audience want to see in the future which would lead them to become active users. After a few hours on professor mode, our founders selected 5 finalists. The best part was yet to come… the oral presentations of those ideas.

A couple days later, the ICSS invited the Friend Theory founders to The University of Melbourne and the finals took place. Every single team produced great and unique solutions from completely different angles – solutions ranged from integrating the Blockchain to shifting target markets. We sensed that every team had invested a lot of effort into their presentation, making it very tough to ultimately select a single winner.

We would like to thank ICSS and The University of Melbourne for the opportunity provided – it was completely unexpected and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to get user feedback about our project! Also, a special shoutout to Austern International, who also collaborated in the event and never cease to support us.

More importantly, thank you to all the students who were part of this project – we loved every single idea and suggestion you presented and we can’t wait to integrate them into Friend Theory platform very soon – sign up and stay tuned!! 🙌

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