Social Capital Theory: The Driving Force of Friend Theory

Friend Theory was alive before the company came into existence.

Of course, the technology, the collective community, and the movement have all developed over the past year and a half. But, one of the driving forces in Friend Theory has been around for thousands of years. This force is the human instinct to build relationships and help people. It is a living, breathing aspect of our world.

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East to West: U.S. Road Trip with the Help of Friend Theory

Have you road tripped across a country before? Or driven in a car for more than 5 hours? If you have, you know how amazing it feels to put the windows down, snitch some pumpkin seeds and crush a few podcasts. You also may know how stressful and pricey finding accommodation can be. Or how someone’s guidance and recommendations are gold.

Road trips are the theme of the summer. And we want to make the hardest parts easier.

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