Why is ‘Friend Theory’ the name of our project?

Ever wondered what the theory behind the name is? No pun intended…

After digging around for names, we realised we sucked at coming up with names, so we got a few of our friends to start chucking ideas, and that’s how the name of Friend Theory came to be:

Part 1: “Friend” 👯‍♂️

I bet you kind of tell why our project’s name includes a ‘friend’ within it. Our project is all about tapping into a new dimension of your already existing social network, thus discovering and connecting with friends you didn’t even know you had before.

Have you ever heard the quote: “My friends are your friends”?


Surely you have, and if you haven’t, remember it. Friend Theory lives by this quote.

What happens when after you’ve been chatting to a stranger,  you realise you have a friend in common?  You instantly feel some sort of connection and you open up so much more, to the point where you treat them like your friend. We believe that all your 2nd degree connections (AKA Friends of Friends) are not strangers, so even though you don’t personally know them, they’re part of your circle. Part of your network of friends.

We want to make sure everyone’s able to spot friends all around the world so they can keep making amazing experiences with them no matter where they are. Because as you’ve probably realised already, it’s not about the place, it’s about who you’re with.

Part 2: “Theory” 🎓

Now, this is the tricky part.

“Why on earth would you call a tech company ‘something’-theory? Like is this the name of a text book of different theories around the origin of friends?”

As surprising as it sounds, we do get these comments every now and then. And for all of them – nope, it’s not a textbook.

The reason why we wanted to include ‘Theory’ in the name was basically because of the well-known “6 Degrees of Separation”, originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy but later on popularized by John Guare.

We are not going to get too academic on this topic, but the whole theory is around the fact that everyone in this world is only separated from any person worldwide, on a maximum of 6 degrees.

Can you imagine? Now you realise how closely connected you are from Dalai Lama or Trump hey?

But hold on, because there’s more. ✌🏼

Facebook has released a study of their user base and how the users where connected to each other. They realised the following shocking fact:

The 6 degrees of separation is not accurate when it comes to facebook users. Any facebook user is separated from a maximum of 3.74 degrees!

That is nuts.

Most of the world is currently on facebook, so this can fairly be applied to the entire World (excluding China and some developing countries, of course).

We are not only more connected nowadays than what we used to be, but all these connections can actually be found online.

Friend Theory concept is based on this, and the strong belief that people who belong to your social network aren’t mere ‘connections’ – they are actual friends.

The world is changing in a rapid pace, and not everything is necessarily heading to a positive direction. However, we believe the fact that people are more connected than ever is definitely a positive advantage today’s society has, and Friend Theory can’t wait to start enabling people to leverage on it in order to solve problems like the increasingly expensive travel accommodation.

See you on Friend Theory Map!

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